Guest Speaker Talk Series_Miss Elaine Shiu (12 September 2018)

WUCIE is honored to have invited Miss Elaine Shiu to be the speaker of our  Guest Speaker Talk Series. She is an award-winning entrepreneur who started her own coral jewellery business. She will share her entrepreneurial experience including opportunities and challenges she encountered during the start-up journey. Participants are also encouraged to interact with Elaine and ask her any questions related to managing a start-up business.

Interested parties please reserve your place by clicking here

Biography of Miss Elaine Shiu

Elaine Shiu is a serial-entrepreneur with a positive can-do attitude for arising opportunities and challenges.

During her studies in HSMC, Elaine started and ran her own coral jewellery business, and after 5 years, she decided to create her own award-winning fashion jewellery brand, Ejj Jewellery, where she is also the head designer. Elaine also maintains numerous other consulting-related roles; utilizing her expertise and network to help other companies and individuals.

Elaine has received numerous awards through her career, such as the 2017 Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Award, 2017 Hong Kong Most Outstanding Young Entrepreneur, and 2017 Hong Kong Most Innovative Jeweller.

Photo of Guest Speaker Talk Series presented by Miss Elaine Shiu 

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