WUCIE Start-up Association (2022/23)


WUCIE Start-up Association (WSA) – a student-led platform supported by Wu Jieh Yee Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WUCIE) – is now calling for application for membership!

 If you are…

– Running Your Own Business

– Preparing for NEW Challenges

– Aspiring for Realising Your Start-up Dreams

Then you are all welcomed to join us!

The goal of WSA is to inspire its members to equip themselves for their entrepreneurial journeys. Members are able to plan their own activities related to their interested fields or skills. You may come up with as many activities as you can, as long as they can help with your personal growth and entrepreneurial aspiration.

As a supporting platform, our role is to assist our members to meet their needs. In particular, WUCIE can provide you venues, networking opportunities and resources. Flexibility will be given to members to host their own activities. We may give you advice, but everything is in your hand! You are encouraged to take this opportunity to fulfill your own developmental goals, make new friends, or even expand your business.

If you are interested in joining us, kindly apply contact us at cie@hsu.edu.hk.

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